I think I can safely speak for a majority of our members when I say.

‘Marjorie Taylor Greene’ is NOT part of our movement and is in no way a voice for our beliefs or opinions.

This is what happens when you get someone who needs very clear psychiatric help. People laugh at her but in reality, she is very sick. There are no ‘Jewish Space Lasers’  and we would know if there was. What she is doing is very toxic and it is very similar to what the left does which is ‘inject’ stories. She is creating stories and then attaching herself to our platform to gain popularity because the Q movement is crazy right? and is Q is the buzzword at the moment.

We don’t care if people think we’re crazy, maybe we all are a little. But it won’t deter us from searching for the truth and doing the best to preserve our free way of life, and the truth is, we have a lot of people who believe in us, and support us, and help us. and to them, we say thank you. If you are reading this and you don’t support us yet. We don’t judge, we love skepticism, it’s what keeps our movement alive.

Live your life friend and I hope you’re enjoying our content