There seems to be a lot of news stories going around about what Q is exactly. As much as we can find it amusing that people somehow think we are ‘Satan Worshipping’ weirdo’s (I promise we are not) It also takes away a lot of our credibility.

The Satan Worshipping side of the story is created because as a lot of you know, most; if not a majority of our followers are Republicans and/or God-fearing Americans. So what greater lie could you spread to debunk our supporters, than to say we worship god’s fallen, angel. We don’t practice devil worship of any kind, but we respect faith.

We are however VERY for the capture and dissemination of the world’s pedophile rings and institutions.  This is 2020 and there is no place in modern society for this kind of disgusting act to be acceptable. We cannot fathom how ANY person can see a child for anything other than a child and anyone that does otherwise doesn’t deserve to be free on the streets. We would fully support the death penalty for anyone that has committed any kind of molestation or sexual assault on a child instead of going to authorities for help. As far as we’re concerned, they’ve chosen their path.

We have posted an article on 5g in our blog, but to touch on that for a moment, we don’t want to come across as saying 5g is worthless and un-needed, we simply want to convey that with all the backed up research saying the bad that it can do, the entire world is rushing its release all for the sake of faster internet and connection. This is all well and good but the technology isn’t very good as far as reception and range until they dial up the power and THAT’S where the danger lies. This is on the backburner for us for a bit but not forgotten.

At the moment we have bigger fish to fry and we need DT back in to continue assisting us.